Poleset Equipment LLC has been granted OEM status by component manufacturers which allows us to provide “Standard Equipment Warranties” backed by the manufacturers and can be serviced nationally. Our Xtreme Bucket II can be designed to boom to either 55 or 60 feet

The Xtreme Bucket II offers the following features:

  • Engineered to the ANSI standards
  • AM55E and AM60E material handling buckets
  • Operates up to 45deg, 30deg sidling
  • Compact and easily transported
  • Can be serviced locally
  • Maintain small crew size
  • Cold weather starting aids
  • Hydrostatic drive to protect the system

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Poleset Equipment Saves You Time And Money

Best of Both – Altec and CAT

Unlike the rubber track machines, our steel track machines work off-road during all types of weather and 95% of the time the Xtreme Polesetter II will allow companies to gain access to remote job sites and right of ways without the added expense of cutting a road. This also minimizes potential damage to your equipment when towing a road truck in rough terrain, or one that has become stuck.

Remote Controlled

The remote operation provides an extra measure of safety for the operator allowing him/her to remain at a safe distance from the work. Our design protects the operator by removing them from being inside the unit, but operating the equipment by remote control as they walk alongside the unit. The boom and carrier of the Xtreme Polesetter II are operated by remote controlled


The Xtreme Polesetter II is fully engineered and tested to perform at full rated capacity while providing the dielectric capability to work on energized lines. The machine’s weight and outrigger spread provide an unparalleled stability factor.  The machine’s compact design allows for easy, non-permitted transport to and from the job site. PoleSet can provide an alternative transportation in the “Retriever” (show information or link to Veratran site)

The Leader in Off-Road Track Machine Manufacturing

Our mission is to be the company of choice for safe and reliable off-road power line construction equipment.