Direct from the Manufacturer

Why rent someone else’s brand when you can rent/lease direct from the manufacturer? Our machines are manufactured and assembled right at our facilities in Prosperity, Pennsylvania.

Save time and money with a brand that has taken the BEST OF BOTH – Altec/CAT and combined the components into one machine. The result for our customers – minimized operator training, remote-controlled to tram in and out of rugged terrain, a machine equipped with steel tracks. Plain and simple, the Poleset equipment outperforms the competition.

The Xtreme Polesetter II provides off-road services for many utility and power line contractors. Because our Xtreme Polesetter II can be remotely operated, companies utilizing our machines have realized average savings of $25k-$30k in off road maintenance expenses (just in yearly workman comp or man power expense), due to limited exposure in the bucket. From a manpower perspective, a crew of 2-3 workforce can safely manage a remote job utilizing this equipment, enabling more production and higher profits for the company.

Machines in Action

When the going gets tough, we are there. Xtreme Polesetter II equipment has changed the face of off-road work providing ease of access to difficult terrains. Because of the steel track, our equipment reduces the impact on the environment. Off-road expenses have been cut in half with easy access to off-road sites and high operating efficiency.

Cost Savings

Impact in cost savings when using our track machines on the job.

Job: Costs associated with the replacement of (4) 45’ single 8’ crossarm tangent poles

With PoleSet Equipment

Equipment Hrs Cost
On-road Digger Truck 5 $310
Pole Trailer 2 $52
Retriever 5 $435
Track Digger w/Pin on bucket 40 $2,400
Lead Lineman 40 $4,080
2nd Class Lineman 40 $3,880
Groundsman 40 $3,520
500′ Access Road Construction 0
Estimated Construction Time:

4 Days

Estimated Total Cost:


  • No costs associated with the construction and removal of an access road
  • Less environmental impact
  • Weather is not a factor

Conventional Method

Equipment Hrs Cost
On-road Digger Truck 10 $620
On-road Bucket Truck 30 $1,560
Pole Trailer 2 $52
Track Digger w/Pin on bucket NA
Lead Lineman 40 $4,080
2nd Class Lineman 40 $3,880
Groundsman 80 $7,040
500′ Access Road Construction Done by contractors $12,024
Estimated Construction Time:

12 Days

Estimated Total Cost:


  • Access road will have to be constructed and then may need removed
  • Slips, Erosion, and Environment concerns during and after construction
  • Weather permitting

Poleset Equipment Saves You Time And Money

Best of Both – Altec and CAT

When we designed our machines, we explored many options. Instead of opting for the cheapest option we chose durability. By choosing components from industry leaders to complement our custom framework. By using CAT engines and tracks with an Altec boom our machines offers familiarity and serviceability allowing for minimal training. By choosing steel tracks we have eliminated issues from throwing or damaging rubber tracks and allowed for a more stable machine

Remote Controlled

The remote operation provides an extra measure of safety for the operator allowing him/her to remain at a safe distance while working. Our design protects the operator by removing them from the danger. Both the Tram function and Boom function on the Xtreme Polesetter II allowing the operator better lines of sight on hazards and allowing them to remain a safe distance while working in extreme terrain. The boom and carrier of the Xtreme Polesetter II are also remote controlled


The Xtreme Polesetter II is fully engineered and certified to ANSI standards and tested to perform at full rated capacity while providing the dielectric capability to work on energized lines. The machine was designed to mimic a road truck in weight with a center of gravity at track level. The machines ballast and outrigger spread allows for an unparalleled stability factor. The machine’s compact design allows for easy, non-permitted transport.

The Leader in Off-Road Track Machine Manufacturing

Our mission is to be the company of choice for safe and reliable off-road power line construction equipment.