I’m Bruce Livingood, President and Owner of Poleset, Inc., and I have spent my career working with powerlines and substations within the Tri-State area WV-OH-PA. My career began as an engineering technician who worked for a power company whose focus was on designing powerlines and maintenance engineering. Because of this experience, I recognize and understand the need for accessing off-road facilities in all weather conditions and the challenges the linemen/work crew face. Companies utilizing Poleset equipment are not only saving on off-road utility maintenance but can save on workman’s comp, manpower, and downtime.

Family owned and operated, in 1991 PoleSet Inc. a start-up power line construction company was created to meet the demand of a specialized need. We focused on the off-road construction market since there was little competition to perform this difficult work. We used large unstable rubber-tired off-road monstrosities, since that was all that was available in the market at that time.

But I knew I needed a better machine to perform off-road services more efficiently and safely. Experience defined what was needed in the field, not too large, not too small. The sub-transmission and distribution markets were the most exposed and needed help, so the Xtreme Polesetter II machines were developed for that market.
Our machines are designed with work crews in mind. They focus on safety, the ability to work in all types of weather, allow for remote-controlled tram in and out of the jobsite, and provide maximum efficiency utilizing machine power versus traditional methods of construction.

I invite you to experience the difference with Poleset Equipment. When conditions are harsh, our machines are designed to get the job done safely and efficiently. Give us a call at 724-224-9414 and we’d be happy to schedule a demo.

Power Up with Poleset Equipment!
Bruce Livingood